Bell-ringing is my main hobby. I'm usually bell-ringing at least three times a week. Therefore, it only seems fitting that my bell-ringing gets a dedicated page.

Positions of Responsibility

At St Leonard's Church, Wollaton:

  • Ringing Master (since October 2011)
  • Wedding Secretary (since January 2010)

At All Saints Church, Nottingham

  • Web-master (February 2011 – February 2013)

Below, you will find details of the methods I can ring, the peals I have rung, and the towers I have rung at.


  • I am proficient at ringing Plain Bob and Grandsire on any number of bells. Additionally I am capable of calling touches of Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, and of Grandsire Doubles.
  • I can ring plain courses and touches of Single Oxford Bob (Minor and Triples), Oxford Treble Bob (Minor), Cambridge Surprise (Minor and Major), and Norwich Surprise (Minor).
  • I can ring plain courses and touches of Stedman Doubles and Triples. I am capable of calling touches of Stedman Doubles.
  • This is not an exhaustive list!


  Date Tower Time Taken Method(s) Bell Rung by therichdude Event Conductor
1 2010-03-07 Wollaton, Nottingham
(St Leonard)
2h 36min 5040 Grandsire Doubles 4 (of 6) Last peal before rehang. Graham Hayward

Records of the peals I have rung are also available on the Ringing World's bellboard website. Bellboard also includes the quarter peals I have rung.