About Richard Dooley


Richard Dooley

Richard P Dooley BSc


Hi there. My name is Richard Dooley. While on the Internet, I may be known by my online pseudonym: therichdude. If I feel like presenting my name in a really formal format, I may then be known as Richard P Dooley BSc. It should probably really be Richard P Dooley BSc (Hons), but that seems slightly over the top.

Professional Life

Since February 2013, I have been employed by the University of Nottingham to develop and maintain dynamic websites and databases to assist in the collection and analysis of data for clinical trials investigating treatments for stroke.

This role involves the routine maintenance of data entry forms and a corresponding database as required to comply with evolving trial, clinical and regulatory requirements. The majority of data is submitted to the system through the data entry forms on the dynamic website, although some time critical data reviews are submitted via an S/MIME (secure email) compliant system that I implemented.


On the thirteenth day of July 2011, I graduated from the University of Nottingham as Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science in the Second Class, Division One. In other words, I have a 2:1 degree in Computer Science.

Some of the modules I did, roughly sorted by the mark I received for them, are listed below:

85% – 95%

  • Machines and their Languages
  • Programming
  • C/C++ for Java Programmers

75% – 85%

  • Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2
  • Computer Systems Architecture
  • Database Systems
  • Introduction to Vision and Graphics
  • Algorithmic Problem Solving
  • Mathematics for Computer Scientists
  • Functional Programming
  • Introduction to Robotics

65% – 75%

  • Individual Dissertation Single Honours
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Computability
  • Skills for Communicating Information
  • Computer Security
  • Concepts of Concurrency
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Object-oriented Methods
  • Computer Communications and Networks